Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Christ Public School is committed towards making sure all children are moulded towards becoming capable individuals by providing them with academic skills, values and mindsets and, access and exposure to the current realities we face.  This approach of holistic education will be imparted by a team of highly trained and qualified teachers who have been selected based on their proven ability to nurture young minds and infuse them with talent.

Christ Public School is aimed at transforming each child, each in his/her unique capacity, into becoming better citizens of the country and the world. Given the excellent track record of the Christ Group of institutions, each parent is guaranteed that their children will receive the very best educational experience.


Learning through play is fundamental to the philosophy of learning at our School. We recognize that play is an essential element in the development of young children, providing situations where they control the events and construct knowledge. Important conceptual, social, and language skills are developed during these stages. Through play they explore their environment, learn to deal with problems, and learn to work within a group.

The above quote is one of the important philosophies. By creating curiosity we believe that a positive cycle of learning is triggered. Children explore a lot and this arise large number of questions as they think the concept behind everything they discover. If this curiosity remains in them, they will consider learning new things as a lifelong process. We aim to implement the concept of explore and learn through discovery.