Christ Public School, Basavanagar

About Us

Head of School’s Welcome,

For it is said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Such was one fine morning in November 2015 that marked the official beginning of St. Mary’s Church, Basavanagar – Kaggadasapura, which in turn gave way to the formation of a School Trust for Christ Public School.

St. Mary’s Educational Trust was formed with the intention that one day all children in the area be entitled to a holistic educational opportunity, one that is formed and led by the renowned priests of the CMI, who have already established big institutions such as Christ University.

What makes Christ Public School unique is it’s blend of value-based learning and academic excellence, rooted strongly in the belief of integrity. This combination boosts student performance by leveraging creative freedom and curricular development, in order to prepare each and every student for life.

Rev. Dr. Davis Panadan
Director, St. Mary’s Charitable and Educational Trust

Our Administration

Each of the trustees of St. Mary’s Charitable and Educational Trust have chosen after careful consideration among the parishioners of St. Mary’s Church. 

Rev. Dr. Davis Panadan – Principal, Christ Academy of Law. Professor at Dharmaram.

Mr. Audley Mendez –  For his years of experience with administrative systems, attention to detail and pursuit of excellence.

Mr. Joseph K V – for his immense philanthropic work that includes building numerous homes for the downtrodden as part of the Society of Vincent de Paul. 

Mr. Anoop Chemmanur – for his innovative ideas that have been the cornerstone for tremendous success of the Chemmanur Group.

Mr. Davis K K – For his proven track record of building and leading successful teams, and handling crises while keeping in mind ground realities. Currently the Vice President, HR at Oracle.

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