Online Registration Form From PRE-KG to GRADE-IX
Online Admission Form From PRE-KG to GRADE-IX

Christ Public School, Basavanagar

Messages From Parents

My son Aarav studies here. He has completed his first grade and is promoted to second standard. Let me share my experience as parent here.

I remember the day when my wife Poonam and I went to meet Father Davis for admission with Aarav. In Father Davis’s voice I could sense the sincere intention of only helping children become good independent morally ethically academically strong citizens.

My son has had delayed speech .. started talking late at the age of 4 years and had attention-deficit issues. So communication skills and attention in class was not good in the beginning of the first grade.
School was very much considerate and taking learnings from other Christ schools started Nirmal Hriday to help kids with learning difficulties. Thanks a lot Father and Midhu Madam, CPS management.

I can see the school staff and management care about each and every child and are continuously in the process of giving suitable and good opportunities to them and encouraging to do better and better. Aarav participated in storytelling competition, handwriting competition, annual day dance and he did really well. He also likes his skating and karate classes in school campus. All the staff and also all the children and the school culture/environment has helped improve his speech and communication significantly.

I saw some staff members enjoying the achievements of Aarav or other children like their own children and also caring for weaknesses of the kids also just like their own children. No exaggerations here I could see that.
That has something to do with the school culture.

Aarav likes school a lot. if given a choice he would come on weekends too. He has been doing very good. That gives me confidence that my son is in very good hands. I am sure that all the time spent at CPS takes him closer towards becoming a strong responsible citizen of India.

Wish all the best to CPS school, management, staff (teaching as well as non teaching) and all the students here.
Thanks a lot


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